Welcome to Trans World Chems

Trans World Chems has been providing the research community with a unique line of products since 1974.

We manufacture over 1500 chemical intermediates including the popular Cannabinoids, benzodiazepines, aminoindanes, tryptamines, eugeroics and many more. We have recently custom synthesized 99.8% pure etizolam powder which can be purchased from etizolam.com the leading worldwide provider of etizolam products.

Another aspect of our business has been providing researchers high quality peptides which are not currently commercially available. We have custom manufactured hundreds of chemicals not listed in ours or our partners Peptides UK catalog, in quantities ranging from grams to multi kilograms and have aided many companies with their pre pilot plant production needs.

All work is done in strict confidence and formal agreements are available when desired. We invite your inquiries and promise you will receive a prompt and reasonable quotation.

Our chemicals are sold for research purposes only and not for drug, manufacturing or other uses.


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